A Roadmap to Accountable Care, Second Edition, presents important issues affecting hospitals, physicians, insurers, government agencies, and legal professionals on industry efforts to establish healthcare services organizations with greater accountability for quality and value.

ONC_HealthIT: Provide your input to help @CMSGov improve the effectiveness of #Medicaid enterprise systems

06/30/16 8:40 am

ONC_HealthIT: RT @pjonwhite: Health data... at the heart of hope in the Cancer Moonshot. #CanServe #HealthIT @ONC_HealthIT

06/29/16 11:52 am

ONC_HealthIT: RT @pjonwhite: @VP says "analyzing data gives us new hope" to beat cancer #HealthIT #CanServe @ONC_HealthIT

06/29/16 7:19 am

ONC_HealthIT: RT @SecBurwell: You #CanServe. Tell a story. Commit. Share an idea. Every American owns a stake of the @VP's cancer initiative. https://t.c…

06/29/16 7:10 am

ONC_HealthIT: RT @VPLive: "@POTUS gave me authority to engage the entire federal government: Any agency with any impact in the fight against cancer." -@V…

06/29/16 7:06 am

ONC_HealthIT: RT @VPLive: "Time matters. Days matter. Minutes matter. You all know that." -@VP #CanServe

06/29/16 7:00 am

ONC_HealthIT: #HealthIT #CancerMoonshot

06/29/16 6:52 am

ONC_HealthIT: RT @pjonwhite: Here to help: use certified #HealthIT and federally recognized, National standards @ONC_HealthIT #CanServe…

06/29/16 6:49 am

ONC_HealthIT: KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: New videos explain your rights under #HIPAA to access your #healthinformation

06/27/16 1:31 pm

ONC_HealthIT: Move Health Data Forward Challenge: move your #healthdata to where you choose #HealthIT

06/27/16 12:31 pm