About the Book


Clinical Integration: A Roadmap to Accountable Care, Second Edition, offers new insights on key changes affecting the establishment of clinically integrated networks (CIN) and accountable care organizations (ACO).

This second edition discusses important issues affecting hospitals, physicians, insurers, government agencies, and legal professionals working to establish new healthcare organizations with greater accountability for quality and value. Over 40 models and illustrations throughout the 11 chapters provides the reader with visual aids that complement the most critical underlying issues.

CINs are a necessary precursor to ACOs. Differentiating factors for CINs, Medicare ACOs and private payer ACOs will emerge as CINs and ACOs continue to mature with the continued establishment of federal healthcare reforms.

Purpose of the Book

A Roadmap to Accountable Care
is offered as part of your tool kit to support strategic planning; provide a consolidated set of reference materials; and foster momentum for working toward clinically and financially integrated and accountable care organizations. Clinically integrated networks are woven into the fabric of healthcare throughout the U.S. healthcare system and are part of the broader value-based purchasing initiative designed to help improve quality care for all our citizens.