Book Praise

We are experiencing an unprecedented era in healthcare where our industry has a chance to get it right and significantly improve Health while we reduce cost. This will only happen through a collaboration of healthcare stakeholders who are innovative, visionary and willing to change. This book speaks directly to the infrastructure that will be needed to accomplish this change.
Steve Mason
BayCare Health System

This work is concise evidence packed playbook for successful ACO implementation with pivotal recommendations for obtaining effective physician alignment. The authors’ delineation of desired governance and leadership competencies is a critical contribution to the literature on ACO’s. This thoughtful and carefully researched book will be a resource to any leader challenged with an ACO implementation.
CEO Matrix Executive Coaching
Professor of Emergency Medicine
West Virginia University School of Medicine

This book is a must read for those whose role is to provide leadership and direction to your healthcare organization. It's undeniable that the future of healthcare financing is gravitating towards a "value-based system" from the current "volume-based system". The authors have compiled the information and tools you will need to understand and succeed in the evolving environment, which includes examining how Accountable Care Organizations or Clinically Integrated Networks may change the status quo if designed properly.
Robert R. Sterling, CPA, CMPE
Executive Director
Mid-Atlantic Women's Care, PLC

In this increasing complex health care environment in which we try to operate, the Practice Administrator struggles to keep abreast of the ever-changing environment in which we are accountable for leading. It is necessary to surround ourselves with the tools to be successful. In the attempt to unwind and understand the complexities of the Accountable Care Organization I have found a terrific tool. “Accountable Care Organizations: A Roadmap for Success” has helped me to gain an acute knowledge of ACO’s and how, I as an Administrator, needs to prepare my organization for the future. The ultimate outcome of ACO’s has not been clearly defined. But I believe that some form of ACO will take shape over the coming year. This book clearly lays the groundwork so a health care administrator or physician can learn the basic principles and the new language that will be necessary to guide our organizations through this new challenge.
John E. Brown, CEO
Cardiology Consultants, Ltd.

An excellent contribution to the industry’s literature on important health reform topics that will provide meaningful insights for C-level executives, researchers and policy makers alike.
Vickie Yates Brown, JD
President & CEO

With the ever-changing healthcare system in the U.S. it is more important now than ever to be unafraid of ‘failure’ in exploring clinical integration programs and ACO models given how they can transform value based healthcare. This comprehensive book highlights what we can learn quickly--what is working and challenges that lie ahead.
Joseph Steier, III, Ed. D., MBA, CPA
Signature HealthCARE

As a health care attorney, you must have a complete understanding of the changing landscape of health care and the emergence of clinically integrated networks and accountable care organizations. This book provides a very thorough discussion of all the pertinent issues giving the reader the knowledge base that he needs to navigate the shark infested waters facing health care providers and their advisors today. I would highly recommend it to all health care providers and their advisors so that they can succeed in the challenging environment in which they are currently operating.
T. Braxton McKee, JD
Partner & Health Care Chair
Kaufman & Canoles, P.C.